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Crazy about the perfect picture? This super app tells you when to get your best shot

India TV Tech Desk New Delhi 01 Aug 2016, 16:28:15 PM IST
India TV Tech Desk

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to pictures. If you, like millions others, are obsessed with your perfect picture, the most important thing you need to know is the right time to get it clicked. 

If this was an issue that has left you flummoxed in your quest to put your best foot forward, a team of developers have just the answer for you. 

Golden Hour, a new iOS app, “helps you to find the best time, place, and weather for your outdoor pictures.”

This app knows ahead of the time your chance of a good photograph. This super app has the ability to predict beforehand the light and sky indexes from local weather forecast anywhere in the world.

Golden Hour depends on two proprietary measurements to help you in clicking the picture in right direction: SkyIndex and LightIndex. 

SkyIndex will tell you how beautiful the sky will be. For example, if an impressive sunset is expected, Golden Hour will display a tiger SkyIndex rather than a bland evening sky. 

LightIndex will tell you when to capture landscape and architecture.

If clouds are expected for the evening, odds are the LightIndex will be much lower than a clear sky that will let the warm light shine on your composition.

The interface consists of a main clock element, which shows off the best times in both the morning and evening for taking photographs. 

One of the interesting feature of this app is the map mode. When using the map, which is based on Apple Maps’ API, Golden Hour will guides you the best direction to click your photographs, depending on whether you want to have the light shining on your subject or have your subject backlit.

This is one of the super applications designed by developers that helps you to know the best time, place and weather for taking best shots.