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IFFCO will buy Nimboli directly from farmers across the country

India TV Business Desk New Delhi 07 Jun 2017, 16:40:57 IST
India TV Business Desk

IFFCO, India’s largest fertiliser cooperative today announced that it will be buying Nimboli from farmers across the country. In order to improve the productivity of soil, IFFCO has started producing neem coated urea. The coating of neem ensures gradual release of urea, helping plants gain more nutrient and resulting in higher yields.

Speaking on the occasion, DrAwasthi, MD & CEO, IFFCO said, “we are constantly looking at ways of increasing livelihood of our farmers. Buying Nimboli is a unique experiment in the country, where we want to encourage farmers not only to sell Nimboli to us, but also grow more Neem trees. Neem has a lot of other health benefits too and we want our brothers and sisters in villages to gain from growing a Neem in their backyard”

IFFCO has already planted more than 15 lakh neem trees across the country and intends to plant 20lakh more this year. 

Any farmer can sell Nimboli at any IFFCO center across the country for 15 rupees per kg. A farmer can also visit the website  www.iffcobazar.in, to sell Nimboli. 



​Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) is India's biggest cooperative society which is wholly owned by Indian Cooperatives. Founded in 1967 with just 57 cooperatives, IFFCO today is an amalgamation of over 36,000 Indian Cooperatives with diversified business interests ranging from General Insurance to Rural Telecom apart from its core business of manufacturing and selling fertilisers.