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Myntra faces Twitter wrath for mythological parody it did not create

India TV Business Desk New Delhi 26 Aug 2016, 16:52:13 PM IST
India TV Business Desk

Popular e-commerce portal Myntra was trending on Twitter today for all the wrong reasons. 

A mythological parody showing Lord Krishna saving Draupadi was doing rounds on social media today which has Myntra's name on it.

The adverstisement showed a famous scene from Hindu epic Mahabharata depicting Drauapadi being disrobed by Dussasana and Lord Krishna coming to her rescue and making her Saree infinitely long. And how does Krishna do that? Well, he has a Myntra app on his phone, which he uses to search for a long saree!

Twitterati though did not take too kindly to the advertisement, with many calling it offending to their religious sentiments and some asking for a boycott of the online clothes portal.

However, as it turned out, the ad was not created by Myntra.

Myntra took to Twitter to clarify that they did not create the ad.

In fact, Scroll Droll, a digital marketing company was responsible for the graphic. Soon after the it was shared, Scroll Droll apologised on Twitter and said Myntra had no role in it.

However, the hashtag #BoycottMyntra started trending early in the morning. Here are some of the angry reactions by Tweeples.

The advertisement comes two days after the portal crossed $1 billion run rate annulaized GMV post discounts in July 2016