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Now, you can sign into your Microsoft account without a password

India TV Tech Desk New Delhi April 20, 2017 13:40 IST
India TV Tech Desk

Microsoft has announced that it will be introducing a new feature which will allow users to sign into their accounts without using a password.

The US tech giant, in a statement, said that users can now just use their smartphone to sign in to their account.

The company is enabling the new option as part of the iOS and Android Microsoft Authenticator app. 

"The process is easier than standard two-step verification and significantly more secure than only a password, which can be forgotten, phished, or compromised," Alex Simons, Director of Program Management, Microsoft Identity Division said.

Just add your account to the Android or iOS Microsoft Authenticator app and enter your username as usual when signing in somewhere new. Instead of entering your password, you will get a notification on your phone. Unlock your phone, tap "Approve", and you are in.

Using your phone to sign in with PIN or fingerprint is a seamless way to incorporate two account "proofs" in a way that feels natural and familiar, Simons added.

(With IANS inputs)