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One out of three Indians put personal data at risk while travelling, reveals study

India TV Business Desk New Delhi 31 Aug 2016, 12:49:55 PM IST
India TV Business Desk

A globally study by Intel Security found that over 30% Indians while travelling, access or share sensitive information using public Wi- Fi, putting their personal information like credit card details and work mails at risk of being stolen.

The data puts India, highest amongst the 14 countries in the survey carried out by software security company.

More than one out of three Indians (36%) shared their personal data even when they realize that this will make them vulnerable, which is highest amongst the 14 countries surveyed

"Findings from the survey indicate that a huge majority of Indians (84%) connect to the internet while on vacation. While doing so, they often access and share sensitive information without considering the potential cyber risks of divulging credit card details, work mails and personal information on unsecured public Wi-Fi,'' Venkat Krishnapur, Intel Security's India Development Centre R&D operations head said.

The research was carried out to understand the ways consumers stay digitally connected while travelling. It also highlighted the ways in which consumers unknowingly be putting their personal identity and devices at risk.


Major findings from the India study as follows:


1) 84% of Indians connect to the internet while they are on vacation


2) Almost three out of four Indians (74%) say that they would want to be unplugged on a week-long vacation if work obligations were not a factor


3) Majority of Indians (54%) are not willing to leave their smartphone at home while on vacation and Indians fared second worst globally (only Singapore was ahead at 42%) in being able to abstain from social media while on vacation at 43%


4) Communication with the family (57%) or being available in case of emergencies (46%) are the main reasons that end up keeping people from being unplugged during vacations.