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WhatsApp could soon sport features like call back, voice mail, video calling and more: Report

India TV Tech Desk 28 Apr 2016, 17:10:50 IST
India TV Tech Desk

New Delhi: In recent months, WhatsApp users have seen several additions to its existing features. These include end-to-end encryption across messages and file sharing, among others.

Now, a report suggests there could be much more in store as WhatsApp plans to bring a bunch of new features as part of its updates for iOS and Android.

The features, spotted by PhoneRadar, include a call back option where the user will be notified of a missed WhatsApp call. The button will be visible in the notification panel, alongside a WhatsApp missed call notification.

The messaging service is also said to bring voicemail feature to the iOS platform. The feature, however, is only limited to the iOS app and will let users record and send voice mails to their contacts. This option facilitates recording a voice mail when the user can’t get through someone on a WhatsApp call. 

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Furthermore, WhatsApp will be adding support for sending and receiving pdf files apart from Docs, Sheets, and Slides files. This will allow users to exchange heavy files via WhatsApp.

The beta testing version is available online and users can soon expect WhatsApp to test the new features with its testing programme members, the report said.

Last few months have seen WhatsApp add several features including quick replies to messages right from the notification panel, new text formatting (which includes bold and italics), new user interface, icons and more.