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Apple unveils iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus with 3D Touch feature

Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of iconic technology company Apple, today revealed the new products including new iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad Pro that will redefine the way we use handheld devices.Along with new iPhones,
India TV News Desk September 10, 2015 16:22 IST
India TV News Desk

Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of iconic technology company Apple, today revealed the new products including new iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad Pro that will redefine the way we use handheld devices.

Along with new iPhones, the tech giant showed a new Apple TV system and a bigger role in the home for Siri, its voice-activated digital assistant.

Key highlights:

* Apple unveils iPhone 6S, Rose gold is new color addition
* Apple launches updated TV with new apps and more intelligent Siri
* Apple launches iPad Pro, biggest handheld device ever ⎬GB ($799), 128GB WiFi ($949) and 128GB WiFi + Cellular ($1079)]
* Apple launches new Apple Watch apps and accessories
* Apple launches WatchOS 2

Here are the highlights of the Apple launch event:

* 3D Touch is a hardware feature; it won't be available on older iPhonesons in apps and on the home screen

* 3D Touch gives you shortcuts to access various functions in apps and on the home screen

* Chief Design Officer Jony Ive narrates iPhone 6S

* The new iPhones will have 3D Touch

* iPhone 6s is available in four finishes - silver, gold, space gray and rose gold

* iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

* iPhone 6 most loved phone: Tim Cook

* Tim Cook takes up the stage to unveil new iPhone

* It will be available in the US in October and in over 100 countries by the end of the year

* The Apple TV remote features Bluetooth 4.0, so no need to point it at the Apple TV box

* Different developers give demo of their Apple TV apps

* Apps such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Rayman Adventures, Disney Infinity, Madefire, Airbnb and Guitar Hero are available on new Apple TV

* Apple TV is powered by tvOS, based on iOS

* Siri responds to questions like "what did she say?" by rewinding 15 seconds and turning on subtitles

* Siri voice search for iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, HBO and Showtime

* The new remote for Apple TV has a glass touch surface, a dedicated microphone button for Siri

* Eddy Cue, SVP Internet Software and Services, is on stage now

* We believe it is the future of television: Tim Cook

* Tim Cook takes up the stage to talk about Apple TV

* iPad mini 2 is new pric is $269, iPad mini 4 is $399, iPad Air starts at $399 and iPad Air 2 at $499

* iPad Pro is avaialble in three colours - space gray, silver and gold

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*Apple Pencil costs $99 and the Smart Keyboard is for $169. Will be available in November

* The iPad Pro comes in three variants 32GB ($799), 128GB WiFi ($949) and 128GB WiFi + Cellular ($1079)

* 3D4Medical app for iPad Pro is a medical app that uses 3D models to show the human anatomy.

* A Microsoft executive walks on the stage to give a demo of the Office for iPad suite

* iPad Pro specifications:

A9x chip 1.8x faster than the A8x processor
10-hour battery life
Four-speaker system
6.9 mm thin
its weight is 712 grams
iPad Pro has a smart keyboard accessory from Apple
A new stylus called Apple Pencil
Pencil can detect force and tilt as well
2732x2048 pixels - 5.6 million pixels, more than those on a 15" MacBook Pro

* SVP Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller takes the stage to talk about iPad Pro

* iPad Pro looks larger than iPad Air 2

* 12.9-inch iPad Pro launched

* WatchOS 2 launched, will be available on September 16

* New models of Apple Watch are shipping today in 24 countries (not India) and watchOS 2 is going to be available on September 16

* Bands are called Apple Watch Hermes and come with customised Hermes watch faces

* Apple has partnered with Hermes to create a collection of watch bands: Jeff Williams

* This app allows for live monitoring of patients' vital stats and lets doctors communicate with their staff and patients: Dr. Powell

* Dr. Cameron Powell, co-founder of a medical app for Apple Watch called Airstrip, is giving a demo of the app.

* 10,000 apps are on the Apple Watch. Facebook Messenger, GoPro and iTranslate are also coming to the device: Jeff Williams (Senior Vice-President of Operations at Apple)

* SVP Operations Jeff Williams takes the stage to talk about Apple Watch

* People love the Watch. They love Siri, and notifications, and and and and and and. It's helping our users live a better day: Apple CEO Tim Cook

* We are about to make some monster announcements: Tim Cook

* Apple CEO Tim Cook walks to the stage amid huge applause.

* Apple investors are hoping that new iPhones and other products expected Wednesday will boost the company's stock.

* Apple is expected to launch few other products with new line of iPhones

New iPhones from Apple on Wednesday come amid questions about whether the company can sustain growth for its best-selling device.

Apple sold more than 74 million iPhones in the first three months after it released the super-sized iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models last year. That's 46 percent more phones than it sold in the same period a year earlier. To get that same 46 percent increase, Apple would have to sell more than 108 million iPhones in the next three months.

Jerry Kim, a Columbia University management professor, says the expectations might seem unfair, but Wall Street "will definitely be disappointed if they can't break another record next quarter."

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said he believes there is still room for iPhone sales to expand. He's told analysts that an increasing number of iPhone buyers are people who used to own devices running Google's Android software.

Research firm Kantar Worldpanel says many iPhone owners have older models, suggesting they may be ready to upgrade to a newer iPhone in the coming months.