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An advisory note to lazy ATM users: Issued in public interest

India TV News Desk 08 Nov 2014, 14:34:44 PM IST
India TV News Desk

With new ATM usage schemes rolled out by the government, gone are the days when you will withdraw money as per the need of the hour!

According to the latest guideline by RBI you will have to pay for more than five transactions in metro cities.

So, here we have compiled our own guidelines for all those lazy folks on how to cope up with this new rule as frequenting ATMs every second day will dig a hole in your pocket...


1. Be Patient: - We need to take lessons from our older generation, who still believe in visiting the bank and on a positive note, we can learn patience and perseverance by standing in bank's queue and will get a taste of real life 'Office-Office'.



2. Make use of internet: - If you are averse to the idea of perseverance then get into the virtual world by which we mean internet banking.

Here you can stick to online modes of payment like NEFT or mobile banking, and also avoid visiting ATMS for mini-statements and balance checks. These can easily be done on internet without spending a penny.




3. Plan your expenses: - If you want to stick to withdrawal mode, even then 5 transactions are no less. You just have to plan your expenses and withdraw in lump sum that can last longer.

On the brighter side, lesser ATM visits will mean lesser movement folks!


4. Get smarter, use smart cards:- Now these smart cards are not meant for ATMs only. These cards can be used at multiple retail outlets, where a simple swipe will be enough and besides, this will reap you some benefits from bank too.