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Flappy Bird returns to life on Amazon's Android App Store

India TV News Desk 03 Aug 2014, 15:21:21 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Highly popular and addictive game Flappy Bird has made a triumphant return. Well, this time only on Amazon's Android App Store!

The new version of Flappy Bird is called Flappy Birds Family and features the familiar green pipes, friendly birds and additional obstacles (ghosts) to avoid. Earlier this year the game was pulled from the app store by its creator Dong Nguyen because of its overwhelming response. He described the game's popularity and addictive nature was negatively affecting his “simple life.”

Flappy Birds Family includes new features like a Person vs. Person mode. "Drive the bird through pipes and ghosts – Play and share your best score – Challenge your friends,” the game's description reads.

The catch this time is that the game can only be played on a TV hooked up to Amazon's Fire TV set-top box. There's no word as to whether Nguyen plans to bring it to Apple's App Store or Google Play, but we have our fingers crossed.

Flappy Birds Family is compatible with Amazon's proprietary video game controller and the Fire TV remote and this means that the flapping of your bird is now controlled by pressing a button instead of tapping on a screen.

In a Rolling Stone interview, the developer said he pulled the game from app stores because he had received emails saying the game was so addicting that it caused people to lose their jobs and stop paying attention to their children.

However, it remains unclear why Amazon chose to launch the game only on Amazon's Android Appstore. The game could have acted a springboard to to push the sales of Amazon's Fire Phone by being an exclusive device that has the fun game. At the moment we really don't know the intentions of Dong Nguyen or Amazon.