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Kerala man makes Google Glass copy for just Rs 4500

India TV News Desk 21 Aug 2014, 12:55:56 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Kerala-based inventor, Arvind Sanjeev, founder of A.R.S. Devices, claims to have built an augmented reality head-mounted display, a.k.a. Google Glass, for less than Rs 4,500 ($74, Dh272).

Sanjeev built his innovation in less than one month using open source hardware. He hails from Ernakulam, Kerala and holds an engineering degree from Kerala's TocH Institute of Science and Technology.

He built the Google Glass clone using an open source, Raspberry-Pi-powered using Linux and a little bit of voice recognition software.
His system incorporates voice recognition for a hands-free experience and a webcam for video sharing.

For anyone else who might be interested in making their own version, Sanjeev has put the steps up on a blog DIY Hacking.

“If you ever wanted to build one for yourself from scratch, and are not willing to pay $1,500 just to experience its functionalities, then this DIY Head Mounted Display project is for you,” he says before launching his ‘tutorial' on how to go about creating your own.

“Head mounted displays are definitely the latest fad that's going around town now,” he says. “You might have seen several wearable displays such as the Google Glass, and many others including virtual reality systems like the Oculus Rift,” he noted.

“I am highly passionate towards technology and strive to gain technical knowledge by taking a pragmatic approach with respect to it,” noted his LinkedIn profile.

However, he confessed that during his engineering days he found it difficult to develop computer hardware. But his interest in this technology increased once he created some veritable gadgets and systems in the connected devices genre in college. Thereafter he started his own company which later developed many product prototypes like RideSmart, etc.