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Microsoft's Snipp3t App helps you connect with celebrities

IANS August 11, 2014 12:41 IST
New York: If you cannot get enough of what your favourite celebrities are up to, Microsoft has a new app for you.

The "Snipp3t" lets you subscribe to celebrities and get personalised headlines, social media feeds and news about what the celebrity is up to.

"Tap on a celebrity to view their detailed profiles and explore a timeline of news stories about them. You can also tap on to a news story to get all relevant story content (news articles, photos, videos and social mentions) in one place," the app description read on Apple's App Store.

The app asks you to "personalise with Facebook" and then updates your news feed while giving you more options to follow more celebrities.

It is not clear why Microsoft made the app for iOS-only rather than Windows phone.

But for now, snipp3t users can keep a track of their favourite celebrities in a prompt and well presented way.