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Prasar Bharati mulling 'krishi' channel for farmers

PTI 22 Jun 2014, 11:05:12 IST
New Delhi: Doordarshan could soon launch a channel devoted exclusively to farmers and agriculture with public broadcaster Prasar Bharati actively considering such a proposal.

It is learnt that consultations are already underway for the launch of a 24-hour agriculture-based channel which could leverage the expertise Doordarshan has in creating programmes for farmers and rural audiences and telecast them to a wider audience.

While different Doordarshan channels regularly beam programmes meant for farmers, there is a view that the public broadcaster would be able to create more awareness and educate farmers if there is a channel specially dedicated to agriculture.

Agriculture is one of the fields to which Prasar Bharati is required to pay special attention according to the Prasar Bharati Act.

The broadcaster is also considering what would be the most appropriate model for the launching of the channel.

Since crop patterns and requirement of farmers differ from region to region, it is being considered whether one channel with different time slots for regional content would be more suited or whether more than one channel is required to reach out to the diverse agro-regions of the country.

Sources said that Prasar Bharati is exploring the possibilities though a final decision would be taken only after proper discussions including with the government.

Significantly, the BJP in its election manifesto had mentioned that if voted to power, it would explore setting up of regional Kisan TV channels.