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Flipkart sends stones instead of laptops, twice within a day

India TV Business Desk 17 Jun 2015, 14:31:44 PM IST
India TV Business Desk

Bengaluru: Flipkart, arguably India's biggest online retailer, is once again in the news for wrong reasons.  

This time they have allegedly sent stones instead of laptops to a customer.

Complaints have reportedly been lodged against the company alleging that Flipkart sent stones twice within a day. Pictures of stones inside the box are making rounds on social networking websites, prompting the users to condemn the company.

A man claimed that he ordered three laptops from Flipkart but only one packet had the gadget and others had stones inside. He also posted a picture along with his tweet.  

Flipkart reverted to the tweet, "We're so sorry that you were inconvenienced. Do share the details through DM and we will be happy to look into this for you."

The same problem has been reported by another customer with a post on Flipkart's Facebook page along with a picture showing stones inside the pack.

Flipkart instantly reverted to her with a sorry message, “We are sorry Linda. Things like that should never leave the warehouse, let alone be delivered to our customers! Please do share the details with us we'll be happy to straighten it out for you.”

Just last week, Flipkart had sent two mangoes to a customer Chiluveri Srucharan in Telangana.

He had ordered an Asus Zenfone 5 worth Rs 8,099 during the mega sale conducted by the Flipkart on May 26 (order number OD002947033911410000).

When the man contacted the company and placed a replacement order, he received a message informing him that it had been denied, "We would like to inform you that your recent replacement order has been cancelled as we have noticed an unwarranted return, which do not comply with our Returns Policy."

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When the man contacted the company again he got varied answer and was even reportedly threatened.

“In a mail sent by representatives of the e-commerce company, they even threatened to block my order if I took this issue to the social media. I am planning to take help of a consumer forum if this problem is not addressed soon," He was quoted as saying by a leading daily.