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For fashion portal Jabong, m-commerce constitutes 30%

PTI 30 Nov 2014, 13:48:35 PM IST

New Delhi: For fashion portal Jabong, m-commerce constitutes 30% of its sales and Founder and Chief Executive Officer Arun Chandra Mohan said it will drive the growth of the sector.

"The internet penetration is increasing exponentially.

The existing users are spending more time on internet. New users are increasing significantly. The mobile users are scaling up. So even in Jabong, we have invested heavily on mobile app.

"Close to 30% of our revenues is coming from mobile. Penetration is increasing and existing users are coming back very strongly. M-commerce will drive the e-commerce growth going forward and right now it is a very strong enabler," he said.

Flipkart's Bhatt said there is an increasing growth in commerce from the non-metro cities which is primarily driven through smartphones.

He pointed out that in India almost 70-75% of the people primarily access internet via their phones, which is driving a lot of growth for a lot of companies.

"It enables them to expand their market outside of the traditional metro regions where a lot of e-commerce players are historically focused on and that is one of the big driving factors why e-commerce companies are now focusing on the mobile segment," he said.

He further said m-commerce story in India is proving to be a game changer at the global level.

"If you look at the benchmark from the US companies or the Chinese companies, the percentage of revenue that is driven from m-commerce in India is significantly higher than lot of those companies and countries," he said.

Myntra's Sharma said mobile is an important mode to increase revenues and acquire customers.

"Mobile is now one of our most strategic channels for driving revenue and customer acquisition. We are investing to build strong technology and marketing platforms that will allow us to accelerate our growth on mobile," Sharma said.