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10 Freelancing websites: Earn by working only few hours at home

India TV News Desk 14 Jun 2015, 12:00:36 IST
India TV News Desk

Nowadays, the world is fast-changing from real to virtual. The day-to-day work is also changing from desk and paper to mobile and apps. Even the companies have started offering flexi-work options to employees, shifting their focus from work to output.

This is proving advantageous to not only the employer but to the employee as well. Alongside, it is opening options for those also who are not able to attend regular hours of offices due to some or other reason.

For example, the housewives, mothers of newborns and retired ones, who are talented, well-educated, experienced yet not able to work due to legal norms and tight schedules etc. get easy and flexible opportunities to work and that too of their choice.

So, for such people and for many others, several online websites have come up offering work-from-home opportunities.

Through these, one needs to work only few hours at home and that too as per convenience and availability and accordingly get paid.

Click on the further pages to know about the websites which offer work from home opportunities –

1) Elance.com

Elance is the website for freelance writers. It is the largest and oldest website for making money. It is divided in two groups – one group is of the businesses which post projects for those willing to work upon them individually and the other group is of those who take up these projects. One can choose the project work as per his or her skill and can get paid accordingly.

2) Fiverr.com

This one's a more dynamic platform as it not only provides writing or other desk job opportunities but much more than that. Fiverr can provide you anything and everything under the sun, from voiceover artists to illustrators and app developers. If you think, you have a talent beyond desk jobs and paper work, then you can definitely sell your skill on Fiverr.

3) Tutor.com

This website is for those associated with teaching work or would like to get associated. The website offers platform for those who seek work opportunities by tutoring students, helping them in the school work or so. One can get opportunities like e-tutoring, craft making, doing home work or face to face teaching.tutoring options in your area.

4) Triviumedu.com

This one is for those who have good experience in a particular subject like English and Maths. One can seek content assessment opportunities on this website. You simply get work which you need to check and send back to the site controllers. Those well-learned can get opportunities of scoring/grading SAT, TOEFL like examinations and editing published content as well.

5) Gharkamai.com

Gharkamai is also a similar platform like Elance. However, this was made by a woman keeping women only in mind. But the projects offered by the businesses on this website can be used by both males and females.