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Google Hangouts offers first minute of international calls for free

India TV News Desk 07 Nov 2014, 16:40:09 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Google has announced that users in 25 countries will now get the first minute free on international calls to 25 countries they make via its Hangouts app.

However, subsequent minutes would be charged.

Google's Hangouts app for desktops and mobile has long allowed for instant messaging, video chat and calls to phone numbers (including free calls to US and Canada) using an internet connection.

“What can you say in 60 seconds? You're a master of efficiency when it comes to many of the things you do each day. Make coffee, shower, and catch up on the news all at the same time? Check. Muscle memory for keyboard shortcuts that have you in and out of your email in record time? Check. Twenty foot bank off the wall into the garbage just to avoid making the walk? You got this,” Google explained in a post.

Though 60 seconds seem to be not much but a minute is enough to check in on your parents or to talk about other things.

The free minute is available for calls made to numbers in these countries:
•    Australia
•    Belgium
•    Brazil
•    Canada
•    China
•    Dominican Republic
•    France
•    Germany
•    India
•    Indonesia
•    Ireland
•    Italy
•    Japan
•    Mexico
•    Netherlands
•    Norway
•    Peru
•    Poland
•    Russia
•    South Korea
•    Spain
•    Sweden
•    Switzerland
•    United Kingdom
•    United States.