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Gurgaon man claims his iPhone 6 exploded during call, FIR lodged

India TV Business Desk 24 Jun 2015, 23:46:41 IST
India TV Business Desk

Gurgaon: An iPhone 6 user in Gurgaon has claimed that his two day old apple handset heated up and exploded during a call but he escaped unhurt since he was using hands-free mode.

The incident reportedly took place on June 20 but came to light on Tuesday only after the user Kishan Yadav,— lodged an FIR at Gurgaon's Sushant Lok Police station. Yadav, a restaurateur, claimed he bought a a grey-coloured 64GB version of iPhone 6 from a leading mobile shop at Galleria market for Rs 60,000 a couple of days ago.

Thankfully, he was using the hands-free mode so he was at a safe distance when the phone blew up.

Yadav said he was in his car on MG Road talking to a friend whom he was about to meet when he noticed sparks in the phone. He immediately threw the phone out of the car when he found the handset had become extremely hot and it exploded as soon as it hit the ground.

"My face could have got burn as the phone exploded in a matter of seconds. When I threw the phone, the call was on and the battery was around 70%," said Yadav.

Stating the incident as the first in India, an Apple spokesperson said the company was looking into the matter as it hadn't received such complaint since its launch in October last year.

But the incident is not unheard of either, according to media reports in the United States,  an iPhone 6 user from Long Island had complained this March that his handset burst into flames in his pocket causing third degree burns.