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Hazare Movement Might Become A Case Study For XLRI

PTI 31 Aug 2011, 21:00:24 IST

Jamshedpur, Aug 31: Gandhian Anna Hazare's success with his anti-corruption movement might soon become a case study for management students at the famed XLRI School of Business and Human Resources.

”The movement is fit as case study for budding management students here and we are seriously contemplating to look into various aspects of the movements, particularly Hazare's leadership,” said Prof Munish Thakur of XLRI.

It is likely that the case study will be taught to students within the next three to four months, he said.

Describing Hazare and his team's moral authority, conviction and action as the reason for the grand success of the movement, Thakur said the team members have thorough knowledge about the topics they took up and chalked out strategy in a meticulous manner.

Comparing Yoga guru Baba Ramdev's agitation at Ramilal Maidan in Delhi, he said the movement lacked strategy and leadership.

“The Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare's movement are classic examples before the prospective business students to learn,” he said.

Asked whether the movement would set an example for leaders who might follow the same path to mount pressure on the government for petty issues, Thakur said Hazare and his team raised a genuine issue of corruption and proved that the people have the right to express their views on framing laws in the country.

“Anna Hazare is not conventionally good-looking. He is neither a good orator nor having good command over Hindi.

Still he has great leadership quality and aptly managed such a vast movement,” Thakur said adding that it was certainly not an easy task to draw such vast support from the masses.

Besides, his movement was not for any personal interest but for the society at large affected by corruption, he said adding that it is also a lesson for the corporate world as it lags behind in moral authority. PTI