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Home buyers prefer wellness features in projects

PTI 24 Nov 2014, 16:58:39 PM IST

New Delhi: Consumers prefer buying homes in the projects that have wellness features such as clean air and water and most of them are ready to pay a premium for a superior lifestyle, says a Tata Housing survey.

'Tata Housing Wellness Survey' was done to understand consumer insights into wellness and its impact on lifestyle choices.

The survey, which was conducted online on the basis of responses from 800 people across India in the 25-40 age group, looked into the factors comprising healthy living and their priority for consumers while choosing a home.

"The 'sensation and feeling of wellness' is a priority for buyers, with 69 percent respondents rating it 'very important'," Tata Housing said in a statement.

The survey indicated that consumers prefer wellness featured homes which assure quality, cleaner air and water, and an overall healthy atmosphere.

"88 percent of consumers are ready to pay a premium for wellness featured residences," the statement said.

Moreover, 46 percent respondents strongly associate 'Wellness' with healthy living.

Tata Housing MD & CEO Brotin Banerjee said: "The survey has resulted in some startling revelations about the consumers' preference for wellness during the buying process.

"While these features are rarely or often times not provided in residential developments, survey results imply a latent demand for these features especially with consumers' willingness to pay for a superior quality of lifestyle."

The survey found that a substantial section of people remain unaware of the existence of features aiding personal, social, emotional and career wellbeing in the luxury residential context, with about 45 percent respondents indicating so.

"63 percent of the consumers are not aware of harmful electromagnetic fields created in residences due to electrical circuitry whereas 37 percent aware consumers are helpless and are waiting for a solution," Tata Housing said.