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Device that warns drivers from using mobiles while driving developed

PTI 21 Jun 2014, 23:24:34 PM IST
Salem : With studies proving that use of cell phones while driving plays a major contributing factor in growing number of mishaps, a device that is said to check such accidents and warn drivers from using mobile phone while at the wheel has been developed by engineers of institutes here.

“Though various systems do exists for detecting the use of a cell phone,the trouble is that, these commercial systems do
not have the ability to differentiate whether the cell phone user was either the passenger or the driver,” Dr.H.Abdul Shabeer, Dean- Research, AVS Engineering College, Salem, said.

The product, costing around Rs 450, was developed by Shabeer and Dr.H.Abdul Zubar, Professor -Mechanical Department, Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem.

“Even under extreme condition i.e., when all passengers use cell phone except the driver, the product is able to distinguish that it isn't the driver who uses the mobile.”

The electronic product of size 6cm x 5cm was designed based on System Mount Device technology “which helps in detecting whether cell phone use inside the vehicle (either for communication or using Internet) is either the driver or the passenger,” he said.

The system operates whenever the user starts the vehicle; the device attached above the driver's head receives the radiation emitted by the phone.Based on the radiation captured by the system, it differentiates whether the phone was used either by driver or the passenger i.e., if the driver uses the mobile, then the radiation obtained is much more higher when compared to when phone is used by passengers.

Once the driver use of cell phone is detected, a warning message will be given within 5 seconds of conversation.

If the driver continues to uses the phone either for conversation or using Internet a micro camera installed in front of driver seat will take the picture of the driver (This picture will be taken once driver sit in the driver's seat and start his vehicle) and it transmits the information along with vehicle number plate which is already stored in ‘EPROM' to the receiver which is placed in traffic control room or near signal post so that police can take action, he said.

An additional advantage is when anybody tries to remove or damage the product it will send a vehicle number plate information to the control room,he said.

The system has been tested in a ‘Maruti Omni' on the roads, and a  Blackberry 8520 hand held phone with GSM connection was used to carry out the experiments.

Various researches have proved that the use of mobiles while driving plays a major contributing factor in a growing number of vehicular crashes, he said.