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Educomp launches 'SmartSchool'

PTI 09 August 2014, 18:06
Coimbatore: E-learning company Educomp today launched ‘SmartSchool', claimed to be the next generation education eco-system, aimed at transforming schools across the country, a top company official said today.

“The launch of Educomp SmartSchool (ESS) coincides with the 10-year celebration of its flagship product Smartclass and ESS is the next generation of the company's smart learning suite of products for schools, which brings together five layers of technology adoption for schools, and integrates them into one composite solution,” M.R Krishnamoorthy, Regional CEO-South, SmartClass, told reporters here.

Claimed to be among the first of its kind in the world, ESS would help schools enhance the quality of learning and increase the learning outcomes.

“Being the largest player in the sector, with over 15,000 schools using its proprietary product, Educomp would be able to effect a seamless transition for many existing schools to the SmartSchool system,” he said.

Krishnamoorthy, was here to organise a seminar for school principals to understand the benefits of SmartSchool as part of its 25-city road-show.