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Illegal routing of international calls a serious issue: Govt

PTI 11 Aug 2014, 19:04:01 PM IST
New Delhi: Government today said illegal routing of international calls is a “serious issue” involving security concerns which has led to an estimated notional loss of over Rs 4 crore to the exchequer.
Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad told the Lok Sabha that some operators route international calls illegally by violating laid down procedure by using data and not voice protocol.
He said since records of such calls is not maintained, the issue also involves “security concerns”.
Prasad said in 2011, four cases were unearthed which had led to notional loss of nearly Rs 2.42 crore.
In 2012, a single case, which led to a loss of Rs 17.2 lakh, was unearthed.
But so far this year, nine cases have been detected and they led to a loss of Rs 1.86 crore.
The modus operandi is that the offender sets up an illegal telephone setup using hi-tech equipment and convert incoming international calls as data and then again as local voice calls.
He said Telecom Enforcement Resources and Monitoring Calls constantly monitor, investigate and seek to control illegal routing of international calls.
Department of Telecom has issued directions to all telecom service providers for effective monitoring, detection and prevention of such illegal routing.