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Indian travellers splurge on vacation: Survey

PTI 25 Aug 2014, 15:33:49 IST
New Delhi: Indians splurge while they are on vacation, says a recent survey which pegged the country's travellers topmost in the world who begin saving up for their trips at least six months in advance.

“Globally, Indians feel most excited about spending money to go on a vacation at an average of 52 per cent, followed by Mexicans at 46 per cent and Brazilians at 45 per cent,” says the survey by travel portal Expedia.

The “2014 Holiday Spending Index” analyzes preferences among travelers around the world for spending money on a vacation. It highlights “maturation of the Indian traveler who does not shy away from spending money for satisfying their wanderlust.”

The Index has found that Indians (85 per cent) are some of the most likely in the world to save for their vacations in advance. with Mexicans topping at 89 per cent followed by Malaysians 83 per cent and Thais 83 per cent.

“In fact, 63 per cent of Indians say they save for their vacations at least six months in advance- 10 per cent save for more than a year in advance, 21 per cent save for a year, 32 per cent save for 6 months,” says the survey.

By contrast, travelers from Japan 53 per cent and the Netherlands 55 per cent are least likely to save in advance for their vacations.

The research was conducted from March 11 to April 2 this year among 11,165 adults aged 18 years of age and older across 24 countries.