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iPhone 6: Latest leaked images show it is the best yet

India TV News Desk 22 Aug 2014, 9:13:57 AM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: With September fast approaching and with iPhone 6 rumors continuing to swirl, it's no surprise that we'll see more images of this highly awaited release. The latest batch of leaked photos of the final design of the iPhone 6 show that it looks sleek and beautiful.

The unverified images were posted by luxury phone brand Feld and Volk on its Instagram account, with Apple blog MacRumors, claiming to show leaked photos of the iPhone 6's body from pre-production front and rear parts put together.

Interestingly, the photos resemble the design of the original iPhone launched in 2007, which had curved metal edges and a metal back.

The iPhone 6 is expected to have a larger 4.7in screen (compared with the current iPhone's 4in screen), with tech press speculating that Apple may also unveil a larger 5.5in iPhone to compete with phablets from its Korean, Japanese and Chinese rivals.

Other significant upgrade on the iPhone 6 include a larger higher resolution displays, a new design that features more metal and a thinner frame, iOS 8, a new A8 processor with M8 co-processor, and a camera that's expected to eclipse the quality found on the iPhone 5s.

According to Recode and The Wall Street Journal, Apple's iPhone 6 could be launched on September 9, when it could also announce an “iWatch” smartwatch, although recent rumours indicate Apple's smart wearable device could be delayed until 2015.

The new device from Apple is believed to be switching from Gorilla Glass to sapphire for its screen and getting 13 megapixel camera.