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Marco Polo app helps you locate your misplaced phone

PTI 02 Jun 2014, 11:49:37 IST
New Delhi: Misplaced your phone? Just yell and hear your phone yell back at you.

Marco Polo app, created by designer and developer Matt Wiechec based in Toronto, can help you find your misplaced smartphone by allowing your device to respond when you shout, giving you clues to its location.

When using the Marco Polo app, users can find their hidden device by shouting “Marco!” loudly. It will respond “Polo!,” so they know where to look for it.

The input phrase can be customised by the users so they can yell out whatever they want, reported CNET.

“In those moments where we have all lost our phones to the sofa cushions, or left them on the coffee table, or in the bathroom, we now have a fun way to find them again,” said Wiechec.