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Nokia partners with Airtel to offer Android applications

PTI 13 Jun 2014, 23:43:03 IST
Mumbai: Nokia said here today it has partnered with Airtel to offer six months of free download of Android applications on its newly launched Nokia XL phone.  “To help our consumers experience these apps, we are offering free downloads on Airtel from the Nokia Store and several popular third-party apps stores,” Nokia India Sales Director Marketing Viral Oza, said in a release here today.

The plan allows up to 500 MB of free usage through which consumers can download their favourite apps from the Nokia Store and the 1Mobile store.

This offer is available to consumers with a fair usage policy of up to 500 MB per month.

On the Nokia XL, consumers can access and download a wide array of Android apps, which can be side loaded as well as downloaded from Nokia's own store and several popular third- party app stores.