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Spelling mistakes galore in Delhi Metro stations

PTI 01 Aug 2014, 16:55:32 PM IST
New Delhi: It may be offering a world-class service to its commuters, but when it comes to spelling out names of places and stations on its signages and route maps, the Delhi Metro leaves a lot to be desired.

Many of these names have either been wrongly spelt out or are spelt out ‘differently' at different places.

For instance, ‘Chelmsford Club', located next to the Central Secretariat Metro Station is wrongly spelt as “Chams Ford Club” at its Gate No 1 that opens on Red Cross Road.

And, it is put out as ‘Chelms Ford Club' on the wall signage and label boards at Gate No 2.

The colonial-era recreational club, founded in 1916-17 was named after the then Viceroy of India, Lord Chelmsford, after whom a prominent street near the New Delhi Railway Station, is also named.

But, this isn't the only mistake on the ‘violet line' service, as two stations later, on ‘Mandi House' station, the name of another historic personality has been misspelt.

On its wall signages at the Mandi House Metro Station, ‘Lady Irwin College', a 1930-era heritage building, has been displayed as “Lady Irvin College”, spelt with a ‘v' instead of a ‘w' in the Vicerine's name after whom it was named.

The historic women's college, a pioneer in home science teachings, was established under the patronage of Lady Dorothy Irwin, wife of former Viceroy of India, Lord Irwin.

The same station on its wall signages also spells ‘Bhagwan Dass Road' as “Bhagvan Das Road”.

But, the mistakes just don't end on wall signages, even  the carriages carrying LED route maps have names spelt differently there than their corresponding names displayed outside in the concourse.

So, while ‘Jangpura' station is displayed as ‘Jangpura' on the track and wall signages, inside the coaches, it is put out as two-words “Jang Pura”.

Same goes for ‘Moolchand' too, with even its huge metallic signage outside the station building saying so, but
on the LED route maps inside the coaches, it says “Mool Chand”, again with a space inadvertently put there. The Delhi Metro, when apprised of the errors and inconsistencies, said, “Rectification shall soon be made” in this regard.

“We have taken cognisance of the matter. We have spotted some of the wrong spellings put up on signages and display boards at our stations. And, very soon the mistakes shall be rectified,” a metro official from the public relations department, DMRC, told PTI today.