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It's our turn to make the 'Gods' of our life feel special!

India TV News Desk 09 Nov 2014, 21:36:04 PM IST
India TV News Desk

“Parents are next to God”

It is not only a proverb but indeed a reality. Our parents brought us into this world and taught us how to live the life through ups and downs.

They held your hand when you took that first step to walk, skipped their heartbeat when you first entered the waters to swim; and held you strongly when they watched you writhing in pain.

Take a walk down the memory lane and you'll realize they always had your back when you walked away from them to face the world alone.

Your parents were always the companions in your journey so far, trust us you may not see it now but after watching this video, you will for sure!

This video titled ‘It's our Turn' beautifully showcases the love bond between parents and their children.

How parents lay the foundation stone of their little angel's life, and then guide them step by step so that they can finally reach a respectable position.

It touches the emotional strings and makes us realize that our parents are the most precious gifts for us in this entire planet.

Watch it and thank your parents for what they did for you…