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Microsoft replacing Nokia Store with Opera Mobile Store

India TV News Desk 19 Nov 2014, 15:34:06 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Microsoft is set to shut down the Nokia Store in the first half of 2015 and thereafter Opera Mobile Store will become the default app store for Nokia feature phones.

The Nokia Store enables owners of Nokia feature phones, such as the Asha series, and Symbian and Nokia X phones to download apps to their devices.

Based on the last statistics released two years ago, the store was serving up to 15 million downloads daily. Starting in the first quarter of 2015, users will be redirected to the Opera Mobile Store, which currently has close to 300,000 apps.

Both Microsoft and Opera are "looking into methods to help developers move their content over, and this will be communicated to developers ahead of the migration," Opera said in statement.

As for phone owners who have paid for apps from the Nokia Store, Opera said the "the company will work closely with developers to find out the best solution for consumers."

Opera also mentioned that consumers should not delete a previously purchased app once the transition takes place, or they will need to buy it again.

Earlier Microsoft announced that Opera mini browser will be the default browser on Nokia-branded phones, including Series 30+, Series 40, Asha and Nokia X handsets.