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Microsoft teams up with Dropbox

India TV News Desk November 05, 2014 10:42 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Microsoft has partnered with online file-sharing company Dropbox Inc to allow Office software users to manage and share files through Dropbox's website and mobile app.

This means mobile versions of Microsoft Office will soon include direct file-saving and syncing through Dropbox.

The two companies said in the coming weeks, Microsoft will revamp its Office mobile apps -- Excel, PowerPoint and Word on the iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones -- so that users can connect to their Dropbox accounts from within those apps.

So work on a spreadsheet in Office for Android, and you can save it straight to Dropbox. A Dropbox option will also be available in the web version of Office.

At the same time, Dropbox will also modify its iOS and Android app so that Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents stored on its service can be opened using the Office apps. Dropbox also said it would create a native Windows Phone app, something it's declined to do previously, that would offer the same connectivity to Office.

Formed in 2007 as a desktop app, Dropbox has gone on to become one of the most successful file sharing companies in the world boasting over 300 million users. Dropbox says 35 billion of those files uploaded so far have been Office files.