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OnePlus One to arrive this Tuesday, but without CyanogenMod

India TV News Desk 02 Dec 2014, 11:01:53 AM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Chinese handset maker OnePlus received a shock when Cyanogen announced the end of its official partnership with the company in favour of Indian manufacturer Micromax.

OnePlus One, which will launch in India on December 2, has posted an apology letter on its official blog. It said their system will be based on Lollipop and unfortunately not on CyanogenMod.

Earlier, Cyanogen announced that it will carry out commercial operations in 17 countries along with OnePlus. But now Cyanogen has denied the support on the OnePlus One handsets for the Indian market.

OnePlus further stated, ‘We can't explain Cyanogen's decision because we don't fully understand it ourselves. But we can explain exactly how we'll continue offering our fans in India an amazing user experience and support for this device.'  It also promised its customers that OnePlus One will receive frequent OTAs.

The Chinese handset maker is planning to release its own OS developed on Android by February which will support its entire future devices.

OnePlus has also assured to set up local stations in India to personally upgrade its phones to the new OS release next year.

Meanwhile, Cyanogen announced an exclusive partnership in India with Micromax for powering phones sold under the latter's new Yu sub-brand.