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Panasonic launches a new range of headphones in India

India TV News Desk 18 Jun 2015, 18:53:46 IST
India TV News Desk

Panasonic has recently launched a new range of headphones, which are very different from each other in many ways. These new headphones are called: Technics Pro DJ headphones, Enhanced Bass Sound headphones, Bluetooth headphones, Noise Cancelling headphones and Sports headphones.
Technics Pro DJ Headphones

The Technics Pro DJ is also known as RP-DJ1210. These headphones are specially built for the professional DJ's, producers, musicians and music-loving consumers.

These headphones are designed to produce unsurpassed sound quality. The Panasonic Technics headphones provides a user with unique style, ultimate comfort and rugged durability.

These headphones have a wide, padded headband that offers comfort to a user. The closed-ear design ensures users hear every note clearly. The company has priced the Technics Pro DJ Headphones (RP-DJ1210) for Rs 13,999.

Key Features of Technics Pro DJ Headphones (RP-DJ1210)
•    Wearing Style: Around Ear
•    Compatibility: Coiled durable cords for pro-usage, 41mm pro driver units and frequency response 5 Hz-30 KHz
•    Colour: Black

Enhanced Bass Sound Headphones
The Enhanced Bass Sound Headphones is also known as HBD 250. These headphones are equipped with power packed sound and provide heavy bass. HBD 250 has a flexible design that comes with durable flat cables.

These headphones have ear cups with thick leather pads that make them comfortable for a user to wear. These headphones have specially tuned high bass drivers for massive bass beats.

The HBD 250 has a 32 mm neodymium magnet driver unit. The company has priced the Enhanced Bass Sound Headphones (HBD 250) for Rs 1,690.

Key Features of Enhanced Bass Sound Headphones (HBD 250)
•    Wearing Style: Around Ear
•    Compatibility: 32mm drivers, frequency response 9 Hz-25 KHz and tangle fee flat cable
•    Colour: Black

Bluetooth Headphones
These headphones are also known as RP-BTD10. These Bluetooth wireless headphones allow one-touch paring with smart devices. People can easily pair their smart device to the headset with a single touch.

The BTD10 has a 40mm neodymium magnet driver for impressive sound. These headphones have a lithium ion battery that provides up to 30 hours of wireless use. The package also includes audio and USB charging cords, which enables extended use and easy recharging. The company has priced the Bluetooth Headphones (RP-BTD10) at Rs 8,990.

Key Features of Bluetooth Headphones (RP-BTD10)
•    Wearing Style: Around Ear
•    Compatibility: 40mm premium drivers, aptX for superior music streaming, convex remote keys on housing and NFC for easy pairing
•    Colour: Black

Noise Cancelling Headphones
Also known as RP-HC800, the company claims that these headphones effectively cancel noise. This device has a wide padded headband and cushioned ear cups, which offers comfort to a user. The company has priced the Noise Cancelling Headphones (RP-HC800) for Rs 11,990.

Key Features of Noise Cancelling Headphones (RP-HC800)
•    Wearing Style: Around Ear
•    Compatibility: New NC circuit for superb cancelling effect, robust construction for travel usage, ergonomic ear-pads for long comfort, frequency response 10 Hz-25 KHz and 40 hrs operation time with 1xAAA alkaline battery
•    Colour: Black

Sports Headphones
The RP-HS34 sports headphones are sweat and water resistant. RP-HS34 is designed for the sports enthusiasts who want something flexible for strenuous activity. These headphones have a unique, outside-the-ear design.

A user can also adjust the size and length of the earphones. The inner temple cord is located behind the ear to work on minimizing touch cord noise on the face and neck while exercising. The RP-HS34 has a 14.3mm driver unit.

The company has priced the Sports Headphones (RP-HS34) for Rs 949.

Key Features of Sports Headphones (RP-HS34)
•    Wearing Style: On Ear
•    Compatibility: 3mm driver unit and frequency response 10 Hz-25 KHz
•    Colours: Available in blue, orange, black, purple and white