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Prakash Javadekar promises faster green clearances for infra projects

India TV Business Desk 04 Jun 2014, 15:51:05 IST
India TV Business Desk
New Delhi: BJP leader Prakash Javadekar, who recently took over as the minister of environment and forests, has made it clear that the government will not tolerate any delays in green clearances.

Javadekar has also promised some big policy changes to iron out all problems in environment and forest clearances process.

Ministry of environment and forests grants clearances to industry leaders before they can go ahead with big projects like airports, ports, mining, power plants and road construction.

Recently, Javadekar launched a "system for online submission of applications for environment clearance". This new user-friendly system is meant to bring in more transparency in the issue of environmental clearance. It will allow the applicants as well as the clearance authorities to keep a tab on the entire process while adhering to the timeline of various clearancesrejections.

The ministry will launch a similar online system for 'forest clearance' next month.

Earlier, Javadekar has said there is no contradiction between the objective of economic growth and environmental protection and that both the objectives can be pursued together.

He said economic growth and environmental protection was possible by adopting "sustainable development" mechanism.

In addition, he also said that the Centre would work with state governments to make sure that the process at their end is completed on time so that the environment ministry can grant an environmental clearance within a maximum of 60 days.