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RCom launches 'TalkLoan' service

PTI 24 Nov 2014, 16:13:26 PM IST

New Delhi: Reliance Communications today launched a service for GSM pre-paid customers wherein they can themselves avail of a Rs. 5-10 loan for calling and data usage if the balance falls below Rs. 10.

“The TalkLoan service will provide RCom's pre-paid GSM customers with an instant loan of Rs. 5 or Rs. 10, which can be availed of when the balance dips below Rs. 10,” RCom said in a statement.

The talk-time given through the facility does not have any validity and customers can use it anytime they want.

The loan amount will be recovered by the company over subsequent recharges, with a nominal transaction fee, the statement added.

The company said this service will be useful when the customer is running out of balance at odd hours or in any emergency, or when a physical recharge is not possible.

“With this service, RCom's customers can virtually not run out of balance at any time. This service will further cement our strong ties and connect with our pre-paid customer base,” RCom Chief Executive Officer (consumer business) Gurdeep Singh said.