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Satya Nadella earned over 44 lakhs per working day in Microsoft's last fiscal

India TV News Desk 20 Oct 2015, 15:04:29 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella earned over 44 lakh per working day during software giant's fiscal 2015 as the Indian origin maverick was rewarded for his mobile-first cloud-first strategy and its business outcomes.

According to an annual proxy statement released by the company on Monday, Nadella earned over $18 million (Rs 116 Cr) during the company's fiscal 2015, which ended on June 30.

His compensation package includes a cash bonus of $ 4.3 million (27 cr) as, representing 120 percent of Nadella's target, consisting of a $1.2 million (7.7cr) salary and $12.8 million (83 cr) in stock.

The proxy statement reflects the shift to a higher percentage of performance-based compensation for Microsoft's senior leaders. The company says it's responding to shareholders who have asked for more accountability and a bigger focus on performance in executive compensation.

“Mr. Nadella provided strong, consistent vision and execution on our mobile-first and cloud-first strategy, continued to effectively guide the transformation of the Company's culture and he effectively represented the Company with customers, partners, investors and employees.” Microsoft said in the statement.

“Nadella established and articulated the company's three broad ambitions to focus the company's offerings, and consolidated the operating systems and devices groups into the Windows and Devices Group. Under his leadership, Windows 10 was successfully launched and the executive compensation program became significantly more performance-based,” company noted in the proxy statement.