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Simple tips to ensure safety of your online passwords

India TV News Desk 24 Apr 2015, 21:01:21 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: With emergence of  advanced and fanciful gadgets, technology seems to dominate our lives. we are getting more and more dependent on it.

From getting in touch with our dear ones, to e-shopping, to net banking, internet has become one of the basic needs of livelihood these days.

With advancement in technology, it is becoming both a boon and a curse for us, as cyber crime is also making its presence felt in almost every sphere of internet.

While on one hand, the internet allows us to connect with the world and get what we want with just one click, the same internet on the other hand poses a threat to our personal information.

In order to avoid breaching of our personal information, we prefer keeping passwords.

But what if your password gets hacked? All your data, your credit card information, your money, your private moments will be a free cake to the hacker.

To avoid being in such a situation, here we provide you with some easy steps to secure your online passwords

1. Always use different passwords for your important accounts - Usually when a hacker hacks any of your account, it is more of a stepping stone to access most of your other accounts, as usually people have a habit of using same password for all accounts.

2. Never use a plain password – Avoid using an obvious password like your birthdate, phone number or middle name.

3. Always keep a long password - Keep a password that is at least 8 characters long and always make it alphanumeric like amar07@07.

4. Don't fall for Phishing – Be cautious while clicking on any link or downloading any app that asks you to fill in you password or any personal detail. These links/apps may contain some spyware that would steal you information.

5. Avoid using Public WiFi – Each on of us gets excited to see an open wifi network. But beware, as this could be a trap to access your personal data.