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Top 10 features that should be included in WhatsApp

India TV News Desk 18 Jun 2015, 18:09:53 PM IST
India TV News Desk

As whole world knows WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app available in market. The statistics show that WhatsApp has userbase of more than 800 million, worldwide as of April 2015, up from over 700 million in January 2015.

Although there has been no decline in the number of users there are still some things which WhatsApp user don't like and one of them is updating .WhatsApp likes to take it slow and steady, but the problem is that we users are very impatient. They may have added some new features like voice calling, an improved interface and some new functions but users want more.

So we have made a list of things which is absent and should be added with the update so as to improve the user experience.

Here we present you list of Top 10 feature which is absent in WhatsApp:


1)Joining group should seek permission

Anybody can add you in group conversation with just your phone without seeking any permission which just not right. As many times people get added to a stupid group even though they did not want to .yes, they can exit can at time but this is big problem which need to be taken care of.

2)Bookmark messages and search in chat window

With so many messages exchanged everyday between users in a chat window, it becomes very difficult to look for a specific message sent or received days ago. In such case, the bookmarking feature or the ability to favourite a message can be useful or search in the chat window could come to rescue.

3)Invisible mode

Many WhatsApp users feel that their presence should not be visible to other even if they come online. As now WhatsApp allows users to disable the “last seen” timestamp, it, on the other hand, takes away the power of staying hidden as you come online. “Online” is what it shows below your name when you are using the app. Hence a feature to stay hidden should be added.

4)File Sharing

WhatsApp is one of the most used app in world which lets user to chat and share content among people but company should introduce a feature to share other types of files, apart from images, music and videos.

5)Threaded conversation in groups

Thread conversation feature is similar to the “reply to a comment” in Facebook. WhatApp should introduce a feature like this to make the group conversation more interactive, relavent and meaningfull.

6)Ability to tag users in the conversation

Normally in group conversation there is always a bulk of stupid messages among which some important message which directed to towards you is missed while scrolling through some really stupid messages hence tagging can solve this problem immensely.

7)Message forwarding in WhatsApp for Web

In WhatsApp, user can easily forward messages to other users but the same can not be done if you are using the Web client. A feature as basic as this shouldn't remain missing for long.

8)Preview voice messages before sending

Sometimes voice messages just get sent to other user by accidental click on the button but this can be reduced by adding a preview feature to it.

9)Ability to turn off notifications for individuals

In WhatsApp, a user can only mute group conversation but the same cannot be done for the individual conversation.This is also major lack of feature which should be resolved quickly.

10)Cellular call option within WhatsApp

The cellular call option was present in WhatsApp till the recent update. Now a user can only make a WhatsApp call i.e call over the internet. As many users got habituated  to call a person through WhatsApp, call over the internet is not liked by them. WhatsApp should re-introduce  the cellular call option.