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Top 10 new features of Apple iOS 9

India TV News Desk 12 Jun 2015, 14:22:56 IST
India TV News Desk

Apple has unveiled its new Operating System ‘iOS 9' that will be available this fall to all its users.

If you are curious to know all the new features that you will get in the new OS update then don't worry.

Here we are bringing you 10 new features of iOS9:



  1) Siri is Rejuvenated

One biggest improvement in iOS 9 can be found with Apple's Siri. Apple's digital voice assistant has received a huge and colorful update.

It features new interface which displays content in a better way and the digital voice assistant can now understand different range of requests. Some examples shown at WWDC were “show me my photos from Utah last August”, "remind me to grab my coffee off the roof when I get in my car" and "play the top songs from 1982" via Apple Music.

Siri's update clearly is the answer to Google now, with context sensitive information based on time, date and location. The error rate of Siri has been reduced to 5% and is now better than the Google now which has 8% of error rate