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Twitter suspends some accounts, later apologizes

India TV News Desk 02 Nov 2014, 10:20:13 AM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Many Indian Twitter users have reported that their accounts had been suspended on Saturday. The term 'Twitter India' was also trending all over India with Twitter users pouring out their outrage over the issue.

It all began when Twitter accounts of some media personalities including former WSJ India columnist, Rupa Subramanya, Faking News (a satire and humour website) Editor Rahul Roushan, and Newslaundry.com's Arunabh Saikia were allegedly suspended.

Roushan wrote on Twitter, "Worst part about suspended period was that while I could not tweet, I could read mentions on Android app, even of idiots who were blocked."

Reports suggest that they have been given warning to change their “behavior” otherwise their accounts would be permanently suspended.
However, the micro-blogging site was quick to recognize the problem and issued apology for the inconvenience and blamed the suspension of accounts on a technical issue.

The tweet said, "The issue with the accidental suspension of some accounts has been resolved. Regret the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience."

According to Twitter, the reasons for account suspensions include spamming, abuse, harassment, username squatting, invitation spam, selling usernames, malware, phishing and pornography, among others.