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Top five low-cost Android 4.4 KitKat smartphones in India

India TV News Desk 07 Apr 2015, 12:02:13 PM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Android 4.4 KitKat — nicknamed KitKat — is the 10th major version of Android. Announced in November last year the new mobile software by Google is the most significant change to the look and feel of the OS since 2011's Ice Cream Sandwich release.

The new version brings along a lot of enhancements especially in form of new, lighter color scheme to Android, with flatter icons and a redesigned home screen launcher incorporating Google Now. The new software has also improved the often neglected phone dialer app. Laying emphasis on convenience and smooth user-interface, the new dialer now allows users to search for business numbers without leaving the phone app. The numbers can be searched by going into the dialer and typing a few letters. Similarly, in case of an unrecognizable call, Android 4.4 looks for potential matches in the Google database. “We've made the dialer more intelligent, more manageable,” Google says in its blogpost. In addition, the phone's contact list has also been made more intuitive. It learns a user's habits in realtime and rearranges the way your contacts are displayed based on that understanding.
Other changes include full-screen mode for apps, Hangouts with SMS, Emojis, wireless printing, screen recording, a tweaked UI, better support for pedometers, and a few other smaller features.

Here in this list we have picked five smartphones running the latest Android version: