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You should definitely POCKET this App

India TV News Desk 27 Jun 2015, 13:58:03 PM IST
India TV News Desk

POCKET is an amazing and modern application founded by Nate Weiner. This app can be a perfect mobile companion for travellers and can also be operated when offline. Pocket is very useful for saving articles, videos and other web content for future.

One can have a beautiful and an optimized easy-to-view experience while using this astounding app.

UI and Features
The Pocket app is a simple and user friendly software. As soon as one downloads and install this app, they can easily see a list of things on the left side of the screen.

This contains categories such as highlights, my list, tags, favourites, archive, inbox and premium. Under the my list option, the user will be able to see their saved articles, videos, images and more.

On the right-hand side of the screen, the user will be able to see a list, which contains options such as bulk edit, refresh, settings and help. In the middle of the application screen, the user have the search option from where they can directly search for whatever they want to read or get the items from the saved files.

Once the user opens the file, the user will be able to see various options at the top of the screen, which includes back, item archived, item re-added, item favourited, item unfavourited, share and the setting.

As soon the user taps on the setting icon, they will be able to see more options, which includes switch to web view, refresh, delete, display settings etc. A feature worth mentioning is the Listen feature in this app

So what does the Listen feature do? The function of the Listen feature is that the app will play back the article and the other web content. This will enable the user to hear the articles rather than reading them.

Pocket is available on various platforms such as iOS, Chrome, Android, Windows Phone et al. We tested this app on Android OS. Pocket can also save embedded video in any article to watch them inline, but for this feature to work in Pocket, one has to be online.

Pocket can also send articles to other people via email or even directly to other Pocket users. Another interesting thing is that for easier browsing, Pocket can tag articles.

Under the Display setting, this application can choose from two different fonts, multiple font sizes and three different colour palettes, which include black on white, white on black and sepia.

Ease of Use                    
Pocket app is very easy to download and install, it just took us a less than a minute for it to set up on our mobile phone. Over here, we can store unlimited articles, videos and other web content in one place.

There are three full-screen reading modes for Day and Night. Pocket even improves the reading experience by stripping out extraneous formatting and making the article look nice.

Pocket users can easily share anything with anyone via Facebook, Twitter etc. One can also search for files and browse through. The Listen feature is very easy to operate and this feature also helps those who are not in a mood to read.

There is no charge to procure the Pocket app and Android users can easily download it on their mobile phones through the Play Store.

The pros of this app are that this application is freely available on all mobile operating systems and it is very easy to use. The con is that some restricted video content can't be played in the application.

Overall, It's an excellent app and we think you should try it too.