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Baby born with ‘Silver’ hair and his parents are baffled!

India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi 03 Jun 2017, 15:01:25 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

Hungary got a shocker when a baby was born with head full of ‘Silver’ hair. The baby was born in a Hungary hospital, weighing about 11 pounds at birth. He was absolutely healthy and was named ‘Prince Charming’ though his real name was Bence. At first, doctors were wary of albinism, a condition that prevents the production of melanin in body. Albinism can be dangerous to some extent, as the lack of melanin can leave the skin completely exposed to harmful UV radiations. 

Bence’s blood was examined by physicians and thankfully, it was found that the baby wasn’t having albinism. Babies typically develop melanin as their age progresses. That’s why babies are born with blue eyes and blonde hair. The colour of hair and eye dramatically as they grow up. So finally, the doctors concluded that Bence was simply an unusual and handsome baby. 

The baby Bence mesmerised everyone around him with his snow white hair. Although, there’s no medical explanation for his condition. Doctors believe that he would develop the pigment in his hair as his age will progress. Another such case surfaced on internet when a baby was born in 2016 with a streak of white hair. But her unusual hair colour was attributed to genetics. 

Sometimes, babies look remarkably different at the time of their birth. Some have a head full of hair while some are completely bald. There’s no cause of alarm. There are other anomalies as well. Some babies are born with complete set of teeth, although its rare.