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VIRAL VIDEO: Chinese zoo fed a ‘live donkey’ to tigers as viewers saw the horror

India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi 08 Jun 2017, 13:00:38 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

A video surfaced on social media last night, showing a Chinese zoo authorities feeding a ‘live’ donkey to tiger in front of a number of visitors. The shareholders in a zoo near Shanghai did a horrendous act in front of the spectators to express their frustration. Actually, there were frustrated that they weren’t making a profit on their investment in a zoo. In the video, poor donkey can be seen being pushed down the tiger enclosure as the viewers saw the horror. The video was recorded by one of those who saw the ordeal of poor donkey. 

In no time, the tigers pounced upon the animal, as it bleeds and struggles for life in water. The video has sparked an outrage in China as well as other parts where the video was watched. In a statement, shareholders who invested in Yancheng Safari Park, justified their act by saying they voted in favour of feeding live donkey and tigers to express their frustration. 

Their objections are centred on the zoo’s debts and legal troubles, which resulted in a court freezing the zoo’s assets. The zoo has been seeing no profits for two years. The zoo officials did not intervene timely to save the donkey, but they managed to save the sheep from being fed alive. 

Their angers are not based on their own money. They said that due to asset-freezing, two giraffes and other rare animals have died because they were not provided timely and effective treatment. Conditions in Chinese zoos are obnoxiously cruel. Guests often throw food and even inedible objects at animals. Many animals are enclosed in metal cages or even placed in barren pits.