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10 funniest online shopping fails of all time

What you ordered vs. what you received
Reshu Manglik New Delhi June 07, 2017 18:08 IST
Reshu Manglik

Making a purchase online seems like a cakewalk to us. Isn’t it? Just click on ‘buy’ and feed your payment details. But sometimes, the luck is not on our sides. Online shopping can be as disastrous as a hurricane, sometimes. There would be those bad days, when what you ordered is completely opposite of what your received. Here is the compilation of some of the most hilarious online shopping fails of all time. Be careful, luck might not always be on your side! 

Buying a maternity coat is an easy thing, they said. It would be fun, they said. But nobody told her that she might receive an oversized coat belonging to Mr. Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter. 

The description said that the top will fit a 7-year-old. But funnily enough, it fits perfectly a 16-year old or ‘two 7-year-olds’ simultaneously! 

2 minutes silence for the woman who ordered a packet of fig newtons for her kids and what she got was a miniature for doll house. 

Sizing problem while picking up a dress online is something we’ve all been through. Who knew one size fits all meant all your family. 

Would you order this gargantuan unicorn inflatable swimming pool for your backyard? This woman immediately regretted ordering this thingie. 

When the expensive makeup palette you ordered came all broken. 

No one has two left feet. But the online shopping website didn’t bother to think so. A woman ordered a pair of running shoes and here’s what she received. 

Be careful while you shop for a backpack, this is what you might receive. 

This is the epic fail of one of the renowned Indian cosmetic websites. Be careful what you wish for! 

Don’t forget to read the dimension before you hit the ‘Buy’ button. 

Happy online shopping!