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A brilliant girl got suspended from the school and almost arrested for wearing this shirt! Can you find what’s wrong with it?

India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi 25 May 2017, 12:14:30 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

Can you imagine a student with high-grades and multiple scholarships getting suspended for something stupid? This actually happened in Harrisburg, North Carolina, where a studious girl got suspended and almost arrested for wearing a shirt which was considered immoral by the school authorities. A girl from Hickory Ridge High School claims that she got suspended and almost arrested for wearing a certain type of shirt to the school. Let us clear your doubts that the shirt wasn’t covered with expletives neither was it too sheer. It wasn’t obscene either! Then what made the authorities take such an extreme step? 

If you look closely you can see a normal-looking green coloured shirt. But according to the principal of the school, the shirt violated the dress-code. The girl named Summer was sitting in the cafeteria when the principal asked her to cover herself with a coat. The girl complied to the request but still she was sent to control room to change her shirt immediately. 

Summer told WCNC, “The security guard was within five feet of me, he had his hand on his gun. The principal said, ‘I’m gonna give you an ultimatum. We have tried to call your mother. You either come with me to the control room to change your shirt or we will arrest you.’”. Only this time Summer refused to change her shirt. This refusal led her to a ban barring her from all end-of-year events, which included her graduation. 

Have a look at the shirt, do you think that the shirt defied the dress code of any school by any means? Do let us know in the comments.