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The world’s ‘Blackest’ paint is now available for all at a nominal price!

India TV Buzz Desk New Delhi 19 Apr 2017, 17:24:54 IST
India TV Buzz Desk

You think your little black dress is the blackest colour the world has seen? Then you might be wrong! Surrey NanoSystems’ world’s blackest colour  pigment Vantablack is the blackest substance currently present on the planet. 

It is the blackest substance present on Earth. It costed a lot before and license was required for people outside UK to own this scary substance. 

But, they have collaborated with thousands of artist around the globe to create ‘BLACK 2.0’, which is an abnormally black acrylic paint that smells like cherries. Anyone around the world can get this paint at a nominal price. 

With a single coat of this paint, any object can become super black and reflect no light. It gives a fantastic black hole type effect. The paint is non-toxic and one bottle of 150 ml will cost you around $15, that is, 968 rupees. 

Earlier, Surrey NanoSystems have developed a paint called Vantablack S-VIS. You will be shocked and amazed at the same time to see the intensity of this blackest paint on the planet. And, it’s real! 

The guy in the picture above is actually holding a ball with Vantablack. It's not a hole! 

However, it’s going to take some more time to introduce this pigment in fashion industry. Once its done, it will take your little black dress to a whole new level. Till then, enjoy a small bottle of the blackest paint at a thousand bucks. 

Thinking about getting a bottle for yourself? Paint your shoes the BLACKEST black.