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8 animals who can paint better than humans!

India TV News Desk 12 Jun 2015, 15:58:54 PM IST
India TV News Desk

No doubt Picasso was amazing but no one can match our Pig-casso as well. The ease in the trunk, the grip in the paws and smooth furry skin has the capability to create wonders. From chimpanzee to an elephant to a kangaroo, you will be amazed to see them painting. 

Congo the Chimpanzee

Born in an American zoo, Congo was the first animal artist discovered by zoologist and painter Desmond Morris. Once when Morris made a box in a white sheet and gave some crayons to Congo, his journey as a painter started. He painted around 400 paintings at the age of 4 and one of his paintings was auctioned in 2005 for $ 26,000. 

Cholla the Horse 

Cholla is known as The Painting Horse in America. He started abstract painting and is known for masterpieces like the Big Red Buck, Fire of Pollack and Fixed Gaze of Resnick. 

Suda the Elephant

Suda lives in National Elephant Institute of Thailand. With his polished skills and a magical trunk which is as incredible as any professional, he can paint 15 different scenes at one time. 

Sammy the Dog

Born in Maryland's Shore Service Dogs, Sammy paints with a bone shaped painting brush and his paintings have sold for more than $1,700.

Dolphins at Sea Life Park

You may always think that dolphins can only dance? Well, in China's Sea Life Park, dolphins paint the life beneath the sea. 

Smithfield the Pig

A website named as the Pig-Casso designs is dedicated to Smithfield. It is all about him and his paintings or should we call it the Pork-folio of Smithfield. 

Hari and Hakuna the Meerkats

Hari and Hakuna is a perfect meerkat couple who loves to paint. They lives in San Diego Zoo, America and are famous for their canvas paintings. They actually paint with their paws. 

Patty the Kangaroo

Patty is the only painting kangaroo who belongs to the Matschie's tree family. Her paintings that are auctioned help other animals of the zoo.