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10 childhood games that taught us valuable life lessons

India TV News Desk 10 Jun 2015, 18:36:41 IST
India TV News Desk

Childhood is the best part of our life, everything about it is simply awesome, especially games. How we used to love playing pakdam pakdai, traffic light, hot and cold (we are sure the list is endless)! These games were our lifelines, literally. Thanks to them, life was sorted.

Today, if we come to think of it, these games were not mere games. We actually learnt the basic rule of life and survival.  Don't believe us, check these out!

Being Expeditious: Kho-Kho

This popular traditional game enhanced our presence of mind and attentiveness.

Competition analysis: Gallery

The basic funda is to analyze the opposite team, their positions and smartly make our way to reach the end. Even today, we follow this at every step.

Risk analysis: Snake &Ladder

Steering our way through risks and emerging as a winner.

Decision making: Business

Playing smartly, taking efficient and effective decisions to expand your business.  

Focus: Chidiya Udd

Concentrating on every single detail is what we learnt from this game. Not a single word should be missed.

Seeking the right opportunity: Dog and the bone

A perfect example of blink-and-you-miss-it! Keeping an eye on your goal and grabbing the right opportunity to achieve it.

Balancing act: Gitte

Balancing was so much fun! It's kind of amusing to imagine the concentration and determination we used to posses back then! Thanks to Gitte, we are pretty much prepared.

Identifying a safe spot: Hide and Seek

No one can protect us better than ourselves! And we mastered this art when we were still young!

Aiming right: Stapu

This involved lot of concentration, accuracy and hitting the bull's eye.  

Effective teamwork:  Pittu gram

Success is all about playing smart and effective teamwork.