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10 meaningless bollywood songs that are hits

PTI 01 Jun 2015, 14:32:05 IST

Bollywood movies are incomplete without fancy and easy-going dancing tracks .

These days almost every movie has, at least, one cheesy number that rises on popularity charts, and is played everywhere from discos to wedding functions to auto rickshaws to radio.

And many of us do enjoy showing our dance moves on these songs. Be it Ye mera dil  or Munni badnaam hui, we Indians know how to dance on these songs. 

These songs are though entertaining but they are totally meaningless that make us wonder, WHAT THE HELL I JUST HEARD.

Undoubtedly, we all might have tapped our feet to some of them but minus the beats, have you ever thought what meaning that these songs really convey?

If you still have doubts then here is a list of some songs that are just making no sense whatsoever.

Tooh - Gori tere pyaar mein

Gore gore, naughty-naughty, round- round,Tooh.
Which means, you have fair, naughty, round butts.
Really?? An entire song on the versatility of BUTT!!!!!!

Gandi baat - R..Rajkumar

Done done done , one one one , kyun kyun kyun
This looks like someone has serious stammering problem.

Hip hip hurrah - Mere dad ki Maruti

We are speechless! Just imagine a bride dancing on this track. 

Hookah bar - Khiladi 786

Love is something pure, eternal and platonic, and hookah is a tobacco which is injurious to health.
So, how can love be compared to hookah that has nothing to do with a bubble pipe releasing smoke. 

Tan tana tan - Judwaa

Next time when you ask a girl out for a movie, just break some crazy dance moves and sing this song! 
The immediate reaction, a tight slap on your face. 

Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo - Mr & Mrs Khiladi 

Jab tak rahega samose mein aloo, Tera rahunga o meri shalu
Okay, which means that if they put paneer into the samosa then,he will no longer date shalu? 

Jhalak dikhlaja - Aksar

This song has nothing but 3 lines in repetition, jhalak dikhla jaa, deedar ko tarse ankhiyan, ek baar ajaa ajaa ajaa  
A girl after listening to this song will never turn back to you. 

Oonchi hai building - Judwaa

Tu aage aage main pichhe pichhe, ho chumbak ki tarah mujhko tu khiche
This song talks about a really important invention, human magnets.
Imagine yourself attracting to a stranger with super magnetic powers just because you have fallen in love with her or him.

Chinta ta ta ta - Rowdy Rathore

Sumdi mein leke jaaun,aur sabko main sikhaun
Sumdi in Bombaiya language means corner. So, if the actor is so confident about his chinta ta ta chita, then why he wants to move to a corner to teach everyone this?

Chaar bottle vodka - Ragini MMS 2

Chaar bottle vodka, kaam mera roz ka, na mujhko koi roke, na kisi ne roka
I'm not sure about the Vodkas but, one should stop this lyricist from further writing any songs.