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Delhi summers go away!

India TV News Desk 10 Jun 2015, 14:52:37 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Dilli ki garmi is literally driving us nuts. It's making us do weird things to fight it. We want to bunk work, indulge in more beerthons or just do nothing and be couch potatoes. We can neither think straight nor act straight! Phew, all we wish to do is rush to the nearest hill-station.

Workable, but not every weekend. As we waited for the sun gods to show mercy on us, we didn't have much to do, so we came up with these posters. Tell us how you feel about them.

Thanda Thanda cool cool

Sun baked chicken!

OMG! Volcano eruption in Delhi

Dilli ki garmi me sab jale

Even bird needs ice-cream to survive!